Blocking Phones & Caller ID

If you have an Android phone and you want to know how to block a number on android then your in the right place.  The nice thing about android is it allow the users to setup blocking right on the phone by adding any number to a block list. Unfortunately this block list is also called the contact list.  The phone calls are necessarily blocked per-say, but instead of ringing to the android handset they are rerouted to the Voicemail.

By adding a new contact to the android contact book it can be also used as a blocked call blacklist.  A new contact can easily be added to hold the blacklist call list which is meant to be blocked.

How to Block a Number on Android

  1. Open up the contacts.  This can be done by pressing the menu button and touch New Contact.
  2. Now create the contact.  You will need to add a first name and last name and so on as you would for any other contact.  However, you may be able to organize the blocks by starting the names off with something like “BLOCK” or “Z” to prevent from seeing the contact when scrolling through it while using it for real purposes.
  3. In the contact enter the number which you would like to block.  You can also enter more than one number for the same contact.  This will save you from adding multiple contacts for each number you want to block.
  4. Press the Menu button and tap on the Options
  5. Touch Incoming Calls and put a check mark next to it to block it.
  6. Press the Back button

So now you can setup a contact in your android phone to ultimately block that caller from calling you.  Effectively the call will go straight to voicemail and you will never see the caller come up on your caller ID.  This is helpful when knowing the number of the person who is trying to call.

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