Blocking Phones & Caller ID

Figuring out how to block a number on a blackberry is helpful if you have a blackberry and your receiving annoying phone calls and want to just block or reject them.  Blocking a private number on a Blackberry is possible without any applications installed.  In addition it is possible to block other types of callers including Unknown callers.  Most of the time when telemarketers will call they call from a private or unknown number.  This allows them to shield the true number they are are dialing from.  This is makes alot of people upset when receving these types of calls.  Usually most people know these type sof calls are usually not family and friends calling to chat about the weather.

Instead it is usually a salesman trying to sell something to you.  Blocking a number on a blackberry is actually quiet easy to setup and any phone user can do it.  Setting up blocking does not require you to contact the phone provider to block a number.  Instead this can be setup right on the blackberry phone device.  Which makes it easy to quickly block a phone number without having to log in to another website or make a phone call to customer support to setup blocking.

How to Block a Number on a Blackberry

  1. Hold your Blackberry that you want to setup the blocked call; Press the Menu
  2. Go to the Blackberry address book and select it.
  3. There will be an option in the address book called Manage Number select this option
  4. With this section in the address book there will be a option called Block List
  5. You want to go into the block list section.  Using the Menu button select the option for Block list.
  6. If you want to block a number or an unknown number then select the respective option from the menu list.
  7. Type in the 10 digit number on the key pad you would like to reject on the Blackberry.  If you looking to block telemarketers or people who prefer to call from private/unknown numbers then select the the box for block all unknown callers
  8. You can enter in as many numbers as you like.  When finished press the menu key and click the Save selection

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