Blocking Phones & Caller ID

Knowing how to block a number when you call someone is useful information when want to block your number for whatever reason.  There are a plethura of reasons you might want to block your number.  You may be calling something who is harrasing you and you have recently changed your number and you do not want them to know what your new number.  You may be calling a company who you don’t want to have your number.  For example if you call them and ask them a questions about a particular product.  Well if they see your number on their caller ID they will now have you on their contact list of people who might be interested in purchasing whatever you inquired about.

Whatever the reason is for blocking your number when you call someone their are ways to do it.  The way you block your number will depend on acouple of things.  If you are trying to do this from a landline phone or you are trying to do it from a mobile phone.  The way you go about blocking the number may be slightly differant.  However, the concept of not showing your number to the person who you are trying to call is still the same.

If you are trying to block a mobile phone then you might want to check out the *67 options.  In addition to the *67 options for blocking a single number there are additional options which you might have available to you from your carrier.  Depending on which carrier you have Verizon, Sprint, ATT, T-Mobile you may have to pay a small fee to have the service enabled on your account.  However, some do offer it for free depending on what you have on your plan.  If you have blocking features then you may be able to do it directly from the web interface of the carrier you have the mobile phone with which you want to block the number on.

If you are trying to block your number on a landline phone then the options are slightly differant than what you would use on a mobile phone.  Well…Not really they are actually pretty much the same.  Except how you would go about configuring them might be slightly differant.  You still have the options for the *67 options when dialing a single number.  You also have the ability to call the landline provider and ask them to block your number for all outgoing calls.  When this is enabled you will then need to utilized the *82 options when dialing a number so that your number will be shown up on caller ID of the people who you want to see that you are calling.

If you choose to block all your outgoing calls.  You may not get ahold of people whom you think you might.  People may choose to screen their phone calls when they see a “Private” or “Unavailable” or “Unknown” number show up on their caller ID. 


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